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Mother and daughter learning together.

Cornelia Elementary Family Resources

Welcome to our online resource for current parents, gathering together important information, links and updates from Concord Elementary School. Please email to share any suggestions to improve these resources or with any questions.

Popular Resources

Cornelia News and Events

Discover the Wonders of Kindergarten at Edina Public Schools

Sense of Community

Developing a Sense of Community

Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play

Social Emotional Learning

Fostering Social-Emotional Development

Sparking Curioisty

Sparking Curiosity

Emphasizing Whole-Child Learning

Emphasizing Whole-Child Learning

Our kindergarten program exposes our littlest Hornets to a robust kindergarten curriculum while developing a sense of communitylearning through play, fostering social-emotional development, sparking curiosity, and emphasizing whole-child learning that sets the foundation for being a life-long learner.
Two students sitting at a table and writing
Students working on chromebooks.
Students read a book to a group of younger students.
An adult connects with a student selling paper flowers at craft show.
Students pose with a NCAA 2022 Final Four poster for their reading.